150kV Models

150kV Electron Beam Welding Machines

150kV electron beam welding machines are extensively used in the aero engine, aerospace, and power generating industries. Typical parts include:

  • Aerospace parts
  • High-precision aero-engine parts


The higher accelerating voltage allows the beam to travel a longer distance – up to 1.5m to the workpiece from the inside of the chamber. Other advantages include:

  • Capable of welding larger workpieces
  • Greater depth of penetration
  • Greater depth of focus
  • High positional accuracy of the weld is always maintained
  • Less affected by external magnetic fields
XW Model

The XW model has a modular, flexible design to enhance production capabilities. The XW is ideal for welding medium and large sized components, and is also suitable for electrically conductive materials. Find full details below or download the datasheet here.

Standard Equipment
Advanced Features
Tooling Options
Standard chamber sizes include

Other sizes are available upon request







150kV beam power


Standard up to 6kW (40mA at 150kV)

Optional up to 15kW (100mA at 150kV) and 30kW (200mA at 150kV)

Gun vacuum 10-5 mbar range
Chamber vacuum 10-4 mbar range
Chamber pump down time (to 10-4 mbar) Dependent on chamber volume, pump specification, and customer requirements
  • Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • Beam deflection patterns
  • Chamber viewing window
  • Directly heated cathode
  • eWon ethernet hub for remote diagnostics
  • Filament alignment jig
  • Function generator for application of welding patterns
  • High-quality HDMI camera, with adjustable cross hairs and video capability
  • Industrial PLC
  • Mechanical and diffusion pumps for high-vacuum operation
  • PC-based HMI, with recipe storage and data logging
  • Separately pumped gun column (turbo-molecular)
  • Automatic focus and alignment
  • Automatic joint finder and imaging using back scattered electrons
  • CNC control
  • Dry vacuum pumps and cryo-coil
  • High-speed data logger
  • Horizontal gun mount
  • Motorised gun-slide
  • Motorised run-out platform
  • Mylar film protector for CCTV
  • Recirculating water chiller
  • Special beam functions, including beam splitting
  • Wire-feed
  • XY table
  • Chamber extensions
  • Custom tooling
  • Indexing carousel
  • Internal rotary manipulator, tilt, and Z lift
  • Tailstock
  • XY table
XW Model

150kV Gun Column

HMI with CNC Control

Five-axis manipulator (X, Y, R, T, Z)

CNC Controlled Wire-Feed

150kV Welds

Demonstration Video


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