Defence Welding


Electron beam welding is a well-established welding process within the defence sector, due to the high-quality output that is required for the application. A variety of components ranging from small to large and simple to complex are welded on CVE electron beam welders.

Small Components

Transducers, relays, and aneroid capsules are examples of small components joined by electron beam welding in the defence sector. Maraging steel bomblet tails are another small component and an example of where electron beam welding was the only viable joining method because of the large quantities required, the need for a high integrity weld with the smallest weld bead, and least distortion. CVE designed and built a shuttle loading system to handle the high-volume production.


Defence Welding
Aluminium Alloys

High-strength aluminium alloys are commonly electron beam welded for applications such as missile cases, launchers, and armour piercing parts and in some instances, the mechanical properties are modified by the use of a wire feed system used during the welding process.




Defence Welding
Titanium Alloys

The high precision and 100% defect-free weld seams of electron beam welding are exploited for joining titanium alloys within the defence sector such as fuel propellant tanks and aero-engine rotors. Aero-engine parts are also commonly repaired, with electron beam used as the joining method.

Defence Welding


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